Request for new build of katello-host-tools for SLES

Not sure if this is still @Jonathon_Turel to ping, but I recognized Index of /client/nightly/sles12/x86_64 has katello-host-tools-3.5.1-7.1 and Index of /client/nightly/el8/x86_64 has katello-host-tools-3.5.4 with 3.5.4 including Build katello-host-tools for python3 on SLES15 by sbernhard · Pull Request #7199 · theforeman/foreman-packaging · GitHub so a new build for SLES seams needed.


He has moved on from RH. I will make a card for our sprint to get a new release out.


Thanks for the information and for taking care of the task!

Coming back to this as nightly for sles 12 still contains only katello-host-tools-3.5.1-7.1 while el9 has katello-host-tools-3.5.7-5.