Requesting a foreman-tasks release

It appears that dynflow 1.0 was released recently (congrats!) and foreman now depends on it (yay!) but the latest foreman-tasks is still stuck at depending on ‘~> 0.8.29’ which means you can’t use foreman-tasks right now :sadface



This also affects foreman_ansible which requires dynflow ~> 0.8.14 and foreman-tasks ~> 0.8, and remote_execution which requires dynflow ~> 0.8.26 and foreman-tasks ~> 0.12.

Now that dynflow is part of Foreman core, maybe the direct dependency onto dynflow is only needed for the _core gems?

Yep I agree mmoll, and I have removed the dynflow dep for Katello in a PR, but we still need the new foreman-tasks for everything to be happy.

Yes, this was just a general thought. I wasn’t aware of the whole chain of consequences with the current dependencies when I was merging the dynflow bump into Foreman core but think some of the current dependencies come from a time where dynflow was not in core.

Is this something that we can get fixed today? its blocking QE (an probably others) from doing installs.

This is now fixed thanks in part to stbenjam! However individual plugins needs to update their gemspec to require the new dynflow or (preferably) drop that requirement since core now requires it. The katello pr to do so is here:

I’ve also opened prs against REX and foreman_ansible to address this there.