Return Computer Profile Use in Provisioning Template?

Hi, is it possible to return the compute profile name in a provisioning template? I’ve got an ID from <%= @host.compute_profile_id %>, but not sure if I can get the actual name. Thanks in advance.

Found it here Foreman-xen: create_vm_from_builtin: <NoMethodError> undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass. Is there documentation on all available methods and variables for templates, including when not in safe mode?

Hello, yes if you click on Help tab on Edit Template screen there is a complete list of allowed safe-mode methods. However when you turn safe-mode off, there is much more. You need to dig the Rails codebase, everything is available to you and you can do pretty much anything.

You can always test what you can do via foreman-rake console which launches you Ruby on Rails console where you can test things.

What you are probably looking for is