Review English language


the i18n branch have been merged today.

I need a volunteer who could review English translation
(locale/en/foreman.po). We need to "translate" all strings with keys in
the format of

msgid "Hostgroup|Root pass"

These keys are used in all forms and table headers. By default, only the
last element is rendered ("Root pass" in this case) which is not correct
in all cases (in this case we want "Root password").

All these keys are marked with the following comment:

#. "Table name" or "Table name|Column name" for error messages

Resulting translation should look like

msgid "Hostgroup|Root pass"
msgstr "Root password"

If there is a fuzzy comment in this form:


the translation should be replaced and the comment should be removed.

I filed the following ticket for this:

I could do this, but the thing is I do not understand all features of
Foreman yet, so skilled Foreman-man is preferred :smiley:


··· -- Later,

Lukas “lzap” Zapletal
irc: lzap #theforeman