REX, but where client pulls tasks


A friend who has used Spacewalk for years is looking at (finally) coming over to Katello, but has a big problem with the way REX is engineered.

REX now pushes tasks to clients and executes them, whereas Spacewalk used a client-pull methodology.

In his scenario, he is not allowed to schedule remote tasks on certain clients until the task is vetted by a local admin. On Spacewalk this is done by simply scheduling the tasks, the local admin vets the task list, then logs onto each local client and runs rhn_check to pull the tasks. They don’t run the rhnsd daemon on these boxes to avoid tasks being picked up without vetting.

Is there any way REX tasks can be queued in a similar way? So that the client can then pull them when required? Or is REX set up to only push tasks?



this is currently unsupported, so push only. Pull support for remote execution is in the works and should be ready sometime around Foreman 2.7 (if we don’t skip to the 3 line in the meantime).

Good news - thanks.

Is there a ticket tracking this which I could follow?


There’s nothing in our redmine so far, but in BZ there’s this one

Also good to note, we plan to keep katello-agent around until this pull provider is available.

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