[RFC] Compute Resources as Plugins

Hi all,

TL;DR I just opened an RFC[1] for moving Compute Resources from core to
plugins. Opinions wanted

In the last few weeks I've been talking to a variety of people who've had
some interest in specific compute resources - I've talked about AWS, GCE,
and OpenStack in the last week alone. In most cases, there's a desire to
improve how Foreman interacts with these services, but there's quite a high
barrier to entry.

For some time we've had the option to deploy Compute Resources as plugins.
I believe it may be time to look at moving some of the core CRs out to
plugins, and see if we can gather community interest in picking up and
maintaining the resulting plugin repo. I'll certainly be pointing peole at
this thread and the RFC to add their thoughts.

The RFC[1] is a great place to discuss the implementation plan
(particularly if I missed anything), but I also wanted a thread to discuss
who might be interested in helping to take these projects on. So, have at
it :slight_smile:

[1] https://github.com/theforeman/rfcs/pull/28


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