RFC: Moving off of Rackspace Infrastructure

As Rackspace has ended it’s support for open source projects we would like to move everything off of Rackspace an onto new providers. See below for a detailed layout of the current Rackspace infrastructure.

If you have questions or concerns please raise them here.


There are three main components to the proposal:

  • Moving DNS to a centrally managed provider
  • Keeping secure infrastructure on a single provider
  • Maintain current level of Jenkins nodes


Gandi provides open source support and centralized group management. Accounts will be setup there and DNS transferred from Ohad to Gandi. Anyone within the infrastructure team that wants access may create an account and be added to the group.

Jenkins Nodes

The non-security focused Jenkins nodes (slave01 and slave05 on Rackspace) will be shutdown and replaced by AWS Jenkins nodes that are copies of the two AWS nodes we have today.

Main Infrastructure

The main and security focused infrastructure is:

  • Foreman/Puppet master
  • Jenkins master
  • Webserver
  • Debian Jenkins node
  • slave02 that handles specific jobs that push into our infrastructure

These servers will be moved alongside existing infrastructure running in Oregon State University Opensource Lab (OSUOL) on their Openstack infrastructure. This will require a capacity increase on their footprint which they are happy to do.

Action Items

  • Migrate Jenkins master
  • Migrate Foreman/puppet
  • Migrate webserver
  • Move Jenkins nodes
    • slave02
    • debian01
  • Email Ohad about DNS access [Evgeni]
    • Account on Gandi created by Evgeni
    • Create an account if you want access
    • Blocked on:
      • Ohad dropping the transfer lock


  • OSUOL [Ewoud]
    • Email them and ask for more resources [DONE]
    • Waiting on ticket resolution [DONE]
  • Archive stats box [Evgeni]
  • Create new Jenkins nodes in AWS [ehelms]
    • Patrick to spin up 2 nodes
    • Eric to configure the nodes
    • New AWS slaves online, slave01.rackspace and slave05.rackspace shutdown

Current Rackspace Infrastructure


A big “thank you” for all the work done so far!


Agree, thank you!

Thanks to the whole infra team and beyond to anyone who is involved.