RHEL 9 Guest os in Foreman 3.3.1

Problem: RHEL 9 Guest os in Foreman 3.3.1

Expected outcome: RHEL 9 Guest os for adding in compute profile.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.3.1

We are running on Foreman 3.3.1 and using vmware compute resource and it has RHEL 9 guest os available but the same is not reflecting when i want to update my compute profile with RHEL9 .Did any one face this issue (or) do we need to upgrade the Foreman to get this version ?


you are facing this issue which is in essence caused by VMWare deprecating their ruby library. Foreman 3.6 or 3.7 should come with a maintained community fork of that library, which would enable newer guest OSes, but I am unsure if those are already implemented on the Foreman side of things.
So yes, you will need to update your Foreman, but I am unsure if current versions already have RHEL9 fully implemented.