RHEL7 OS detection based on facts - update your parsers


I’ve opened a PR for and old RFE distinguishing between RHEL 7 Server and RHEL 7 Workstation. Today, when we receive facts from RHEL7 Workstation or Server, the host is always associated to the same OS called RedHat. That causes problem, because they typically use different installation media, potentially provisioning templates etc. With this change, Workstation will create an OS with the name RedHat_Workstation, while server remains RedHat.

There are multiple facts parsers that should implement such change to keep it consistent. I’d love to send PRs myself, however time only allows me to finish this for core (puppet), ansible and katello where it’s most critical, since these fact sources can live on the same host and they would swap OS for the host in the loop. There’s lower chance people would have puppet and chef or salt on the same host. Also the change should be quite small.

To track this effort, here’s the list of RM issues

If you can help and implement that for the plugin, let me know so we can update this list. I hope to get this to Foreman 2.1.