Rubocop and Foreman: what you need to know

Thanks to David Davis for sending us a patch to enable some (~30%)
Rubocop tests in Foreman - we now have this running on each PR.

Anyone with an open PR should rebase it on develop, run "bundle install"
and then run "rubocop" to see if it finds any problems. Next time
Jenkins tests your PR, it will fail if there are style issues.

Committers especially should take note, as tests that ran before today
will not have had Rubocop run yet. Please either always run rubocop
locally before pushing or use [test] to force a full re-test.

The same policy will apply to the smart proxy shortly, once is merged.

Rainy day tasks: if you would like to remove one of the ignored cops
from the list in .rubocop_todo.yml and fix existing issues, I think this
would be great. Until 1.7's out, feel free to just "refs #3809" in the
commit message. I'd ask you not to rewrite the entire codebase
immediately, but we could certainly pick off useful ones every now and then.

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering