Run Foreman 1.3.1 in Docker using one single command


laptops are not allowed in the room with Christmas tree generally, but
if you feel you must hack something, try this:

Currently that is Foreman stable (1.3.1 ATM) from Git on Fedora. To
start Foreman (sqlite, no proxies included), just do the following

docker run -p 3333:3000 -i -t lzap/fedora-foreman-git-stable:1.3.1

It should pull all backing images and start on http://localhost:3333
with admin/changeme. It is using Matt's base image with another layer on
top which contains all the dependencies, so the last layer (Foreman
itself) is small and I can publish new versions regularly.

Note you need to give the "1.3.1" tag explicitly as I do not know how to
push the "latest" (aka HEAD) docker "tag". I will find this out - under
my Christmas Tree :slight_smile:

More info and Dockerfiles here:

Patches are welcomed.

··· -- Later,

Lukas “lzap” Zapletal
irc: lzap #theforeman