Satellite upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4


I am satellite user and need some view from engineering ( i can raise support case but i dont get engg access ) :slight_smile:

I am using satellite 6.3 and planing to move to satellite 6.4, question is can i install new 6.4 and backup data from exsting satellite and restore it to 6.4 , does it work ?

Is there any DB changes that will prevent restore ?


That’s generally how satellite-clone also works so I’d expect that to work. The only thing to be aware of is that you must upgrade to Puppet 4 while on 6.3 because 6.4 no longer has the upgrade code.

The short answer is yes. You should read the upgrade documentation carefully (it covers puppet 3 -> puppet 4 and a couple of other items) and raise a support case with RH for specific questions.

Thanks for answering,

We will not be using puppet anyway we migrated to ansible and i think new installation of 6.4.0 will anway come with latest puppet installed so we will not need to upgrade anything on old server?

Or clone utility requires new version of puppet ?


Your installer answers will contain incorrect paths so it is recommended to upgrade. Upgrading from Puppet 3 to 4 - Foreman can also be used on the new installation.

A mostly untested alternative is to disable the Puppet agent and server:

--no-enable-puppet --foreman-proxy-puppet false --foreman-proxy-puppetca false --foreman-proxy-content-puppet false --katello-enable-puppet false

I did notice we assume the puppet user group existing so a groupadd puppet will be needed beforehand. It’s on my agenda to remove this assumption.

To repeat: do test this out in a lab and not on production systems.

We have used satellite-clone to clone 6.3 and then restore it to 6.4, that worked with some tweaks, one thing we noticed was it adds duplicate entry for REX features and that causes DB fails, we removed dulpicate entey from DB and it worked ( not really sure from where dulicsge entry gets added )