Scaling foreman nodes

Problem: We are looking to deploy multiple foreman nodes to support 20K clients.

Expected outcome: performance need to be good

Foreman and Proxy versions: 1.20

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: 1.20

Other relevant data:
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Hi Foreman Team,

We are looking for a multi node foreman setup to handle 20k+ servers worldwide connected through locally configured smart proxies for puppet master.

We are trying to deploy setup as below.

Foreman Nodes : These nodes are centrally located behind the dns round robin (foreman01 and foreman02) whose common sane os “
Mysql database: Foreman node will share the same database as external server located at same location aof foreman (foremandb)
Puppet CA : external server to provide certificate to clients of each puppet masters
memcahce : use to cache externally rather then local foreman cache
puppet masters : Are external nodes behind the dns round robin connected as smart proxies to foreman. (puppet1 and puppet2) common name is

We tried it to setup with verious method but getting failed.

Could you please provide us the method and steps to deploy this setup.

Also if you can explore more your documentation as below for multiple foreman instanis section then it would be great help for all.

" 5.8.4 Other considerations

There are other considerations when creating a cluster:

  1. You might want to share a common hostname, which can be set during installation or by modifying your Apache config files.
  2. You might want a custom cert to reflect the cluster’s cname, and you’ll want to make sure your Foreman-related infrastructure is configured to use SSL.
  3. You can use a central memcached instance instead of each Foreman instance’s local cache. Foreman has a plugin you can use."

Please provide the commands need to run on each set of servers.

Thanks for your support in Advance.

Can someone reply on it please ??