Schedule Package Updates by Host Groups

I need to schedule a job for updating packages and erratas by host groups. I’ve already have split my nodes in hostgroups with some content view assigned.
In future i hope i could change the period of the job excecution from de foreman ui.

i know that could be some workarounds but i looking for do it from the foreman ui.


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Disclaimer: I’ve never done exactly what you ask, but some possibilities I can think of (possibly filled with holes and errors)

Use remote execution jobs with a schedule and tie the queries to a hostgroup(s) value.

Use puppet schedules, and use a puppet class parameter to drive logic which is tied to either $::hostgroup or a foreman smart class parameter value

In our case, We ended up with puppet code that uses 5 foreman host params to make/enforce/maintain/update a Cron (Linux) or task scheduler (windows) job

We set these to defaults and overrides throughout the foreman ENC (location, org, domain, and most importantly hostgroup, and host itself)

We now have approx 15,000 servers with unique patching schedules, driven by these foreman ENC values, we just check reports when we wake up and preiodically to ensure no failures or errors happened. There are still a few manual exceptions but we work to make them fewer every day…

Thanks Lang_Jaso, i’m going to try with puppet like you said.

How did you do those reports? the reports send mails? or in foreman you could view the report?