Sending Jenkins build failures to Discourse



Can you handle the first three there? I am not seeing a way through my permission level to create new categories and accounts.


Yeah, that’s admin-only, I’ll sort it tomorrow.


Everything is setup to give this a test run. The last piece is the job configuration. I’ve opened a PR for the two jobs we mentioned starting with. Please indicate on the PR if there is any additional information in a given email that folks would like to see.


This has now been fully implemented, and tested. First result:

We will be using this posts to track the failures and the investigation of said failures. If you’d like to stay informed, or contribute to fixing issues with our nightlies please keep an eye on this new category and threads within. To begin with, Foreman and Katello nightly RPM pipelines will be sending failures. Consider them the trial runs to build out the workflow and work out any issues.


My initial thought is that we’re probably going to want tags in the topics, and possibly @group mentions in the body - as the more we add, the more there is to track. The latter will probably “just work” as Discourse parses the body, but setting tags may be tricky…


I’ve added an “Unsolved” button to the Infra category, so that you can easily filter to just open CI issues:


The CSS doesn’t seem to highlight the Unsolved button when you use it though, solutions welcome :slight_smile: