Setting custom repo directories for installer

I would like to use a private (custom) repo mirror to install packages and dependencies, however, the installer would update and hence replace my private mirror links.

I have come across a similar discussion but the arguments passed are no longer supported in the recent versions of foreman-installer.

Specifically, this occurred when I try to install ansible plugin, but the foreman-installer (with parameters to install ansible plugin) would reset the private repo to the ones used by official channels.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman V 2.1.4
Katello 3.16

For future reference, we regard these parameters as advanced since most users don’t need them. To avoid overwhelming the user, there is --help to show common parameters, but there is also --full-help to show all of them (I recommend paging it via less, it’s long). There you should find --foreman-proxy-plugin-ansible-manage-runner-repo which you can set to false. AFAIK it’s the only repo we do manage.