Setting static IP on a node using interfaces settings form host in foreman

Problem: Sorry for my newbie question, i’m still learning Foreman.
I would like to set static IP on some specific nodes with Puppet+Foreman. I have found that it could be done with module. This module works good and I can set an IP address describing node in manifest file. I would like to use values that are set in Interfaces tab when editing host properties. Is that even possible?
I could add some parameters as Host Parameters in Parameters tab (for that i know how to write working code in Puppet) but that would be pointless if this informations are stored in Interfaces tab.
what variables to use to be able to use the network settings from Interfaces tab?


you would probably use the foreman_interfaces variable for this (at least this is what we use :wink: ). The problem is, though, that fact import in Foreman happens before catalogue compilation and ENC query, so you will always end up configuring interfaces according to what the system already looks like. I think there is an option to disable that kind of fact import, but this will probably break some other workflows like foreman-discovery plugin (and probably some other ones).
Afaik, there is currently no better solution to this problem. Maybe someone else has suggestions on this, but when I last researched this, I ended up stuck between a lot of compromises.