Should taxonomies be compulsary?


While I was looking at Bug #25094: Discovery rule form fails silently if the taxonomy is not selected - Discovery - Foreman, I realized there might be other components too where we need to associate taxonomies.

My observation, a lot of times we forget to fill in taxonomies in certain components and then press the submit button and things seem to work fine, but after some time when we try to use that component somewhere else, it simply fails without an error. Later after we see the logs, we realize that it was due to not associating location and organization.

An example to this is the Subnets, while creating a subnet if we dont select an org/loc, the subnet is still created but provisioning can not be performed without specifying the org/log in the subnet.

My questions:

Is the issue (Bug #25094: Discovery rule form fails silently if the taxonomy is not selected - Discovery - Foreman) a specific case or does this happen in a generic manner. If it does then I shall look forward to fix this in the core, else I can just add a warning in Discovery :slight_smile:


Since in 1.21, orgs and locs will not be disableable (if that’s a word) I think it would make sense to always enforce at least one org/loc to be associated. I think @tbrisker planned to add one default taxonomy for both so that for people using any context, nothing would change. Perhaps the validation could be added as part of this?

Note that before this happen, it will be hard to provide a migration for existing resources with any taxonomy associated. Without migration, all such resources would instantly become invalid.

Exactly this, I think it’s the right time. Foreman is no longer a simple application and we need to start improving user experience of users who are actually using taxonomy.