Simple provisioning without proper DNS or DHCP using DNSMASQ


First time configuring Foreman here so I apologise for any bad assumptions.

I’d like to know if and how Foreman can do a simple provision of a baremetal bios and UEFI physical host (and Hyper-V hosts of similar generation) - so 4 types, using an external dns and dhcp service which I do not want to supercede with Foreman.

I got very close to doing this using dnsmasq with cobbler but came unstuck with the grub2 stuff (likely ignorance), but for now I just want to do a simple boot provision and don’t know how or if I can use dnsmasq in the same way and get Foreman to just respond to known hosts with the dhcp next-server and filename parameters only

For reference, here is redacted copy of my cobbler dnsmasq conf that works ;

# Only for debugging

#  Be ONLY a proxy - added sjj
dhcp-range=<my network range>,proxy

# Only respond to clients that are known

# Set this (and domain: see below) if you want to have a domain
# automatically added to simple names in a hosts-file.
domain=<my domain>,<my network>

# What client architecture is it - legacy or EFI
# PXEClient:Arch:00007 - which means EFI (also 9 in some circumstances but not ours)
# 0 is legacy , x86PC is tag for 0

# Loads <tftp-root>/<something> from dnsmasq TFTP server.
pxe-service=x86PC,"Boot Legacy (******      Cobbler controlled      ******)",pxelinux,$next_server
pxe-service=7,"Boot EFI (******      Cobbler controlled      ******)",grub/grubx64.efi,$next_server

# Include the systems that must be "known"

Thank you!

Hello and welcome @sj200449 !
I have just reassigned this to the support area, so it gets the right kind of attention!

Thank you!

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