Slack integeration

Hi I m trying to install slack plugin but not successful. please help

I installed:

#gem install --ignore-dependencies foreman_slack
Successfully installed foreman_slack-0.0.3
Parsing documentation for foreman_slack-0.0.3
1 gem installed

when i went to Administer–>About–>Plugins,
I dont see slack plugin is listed.

Can you please help to tell what I am missing.


You probably forgot to add it to bundler.d

Note that the plugin is very old and unmaintained so there’s no guarantee it works.

what has to be added to Gemfile.local.rb under bundler.d/Gemfile.local.rb?
Also I dont see any file called bundler.d/Gemfile.local.rb under /usr/share/foreman/bundler.d/

Please help