SLES rpm package for foreman-proxy needed

Problem: We need to install foreman-proxy on SLES systems

Expected outcome: we simply want to run zypper -i foreman-proxy.rpm to install foreman proxy

Foreman and Proxy versions: 2.0

Distribution and version: SLES

Other relevant data: The system doesn’t have internet access nor dns for internet resources. So git clone ... isn’t possible.

At the moment there is unfortunately only client support for SLES in form of packages and I have not seen any attempt to change this.

But perhaps we can find a way to work around this.

What service and provider do you aim for running at the Smart proxy? Most of them only need an API connection to the service managed, so perhaps a local installation is not required.

Another option would be downloading the tar ball somewhere and upload it to the system if you already considered the git installation and it is just not a valid option because of the internet access, of course this will be not the best solution as you will also need some dependencies and perhaps some additional plugins depending on the service to manage.

I was afraid of it. So we don’t want to invest much work on it. It is currently a dnsmasq DNS-Server which we want to configure from our foreman server.
Finally we will migrate the systems to a supported OS.

I have no idea about SLES since I’ve never used it, but you can try to rebuild the SRPM

Problem is typically the availability of the dependencies as it is even more limited than RHEL package-wise and there are multiple different repositories from OBS instead of one like EPEL which are also not such a high quality as EPEL has based on the guidelines.
Or at least this is my experience and impression which could be biased.