"Smart Classes" (in addition to "Smart Class Parameters")

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm not really able to find
anything about it.

In playing around with different methods of class assignment (per-host,
host groups, config groups) I'm starting to wish more and more that the
"Smart Class Parameter" concept could be extended to classes as well. In
the same way that you can set up matchers for class parameters, it would be
nice to be able to set up matchers for classes. Or, even simpler, have
Foreman assume that if a smart class parameter is set up, that any host
which matches that parameter automatically has the associated class
included in the node classifier output (today, if you set a smart class
param on a host which doesn't have that class defined, the setting is just
ignored and nothing appears in the ENC – maybe this is a bug or

Perhaps I'm not thinking of this in the right way, but I feel like
host/config groups are too monolithic and static, but managing hosts
individually is very cumbersome. Something like smart classes would be a
good alternative for providing the ability to easily assign classes, but in
a very dynamic way.