Smart-Proxy Abrt plugin

Looks like has been abandoned quite awhile ago. Is there any interest in it? Should it be resurrected?

I dont see RH funding this in the near term (6-12 months). NO one is against it, but I dont see it coming up on the priority list.

The packages for both foreman and smart-proxy plugins are being built atm. Probably should stop the builds until plugins are usable again?

I wish we were more transparent about this, I was not aware myself about the priorities. Someone from community could took over earlier if there was a clear email about the future, now we have a plugin and proxy plugin which is in bad shape and it looks like the only reasonable option is to remove it from repos.

I made several attempts to resurrect the ABRT Foreman plugin tests, but as I am busy with other things and I am unsure who else uses this I am gonna cease my effort. Let’s remove those from nightlies then.

Fair feedback. I apologize for that, but it is out there now!

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All I need to do to remove a package from nightlies is to update comps, correct?

We’ve documented it at but I don’t know how we handle the obsoletes for non-SCL packages.