Smart proxy for PDUs

Hello all,

I'm scoping out using Foreman to provision a rack or so old/decommissioned
hardware for a testing cluster. I'd like to periodicaly provision nodes to
run some tests, then have them spin back down afterwards.

These nodes weren't purchased with IPMI, but they are connected to APC PDUs
which I could use to cycle the machines on and off. My first thought was to
use the BMC shell provider to send the correct SNMP messages to the PDUs to
power on/off the nodes as needed, but it appears the shell provider isn't
intended to be used this way. Looking through the archives, it appears
there was similar interest in the past, but from what I can see, nothing
came of it.

Am I thinking about this the right way? Is this the right region to
investigate, or is another method cleaner/more preferable? I don't mind
getting my hands dirty to add an additional SNMP provider to the BMC module
which accepted the endpoint OIDs, or perhaps making a separate plugin.