Smart Proxy gives a 500 during certificate update


I have a Foreman server with a couple Smart Proxies that I need to update to our real signed certificates. I have the Foreman server on the new certificates and generated the tar for one smart proxy, copied the tar over and ran the supplied command, and it errors out with this (truncated output obviously)

2022-06-30 11:53:10 [NOTICE] [configure] 1500 configuration steps out of 1655 steps complete.
2022-06-30 11:53:13 [ERROR ] [configure] /Stage[main]/Foreman_proxy::Register/Foreman_smartproxy[proxy-01.internal]: Could not evaluate: Error making GET request to Foreman at https://foreman-01.internal/api/v2/smart_proxies: Response: 500 Internal Server Error: Check /var/log/foreman/production.log on foreman-01.internal for detailed information
2022-06-30 11:53:16 [NOTICE] [configure] System configuration has finished.

  There were errors detected during install.
  Please address the errors and re-run the installer to ensure the system is properly configured.
  Failing to do so is likely to result in broken functionality.

  The full log is at /var/log/foreman-installer/foreman-proxy-content.log

The Foreman log has this:

2022-06-30T12:13:43 [I|app|9f6488bb] Started GET "/api/v2/smart_proxies?search=name%3D%22proxy-01.internal%22" for at 2022-06-30 12:13:43 -0400
2022-06-30T12:13:43 [I|app|9f6488bb] Processing by Api::V2::SmartProxiesController#index as JSON
2022-06-30T12:13:43 [I|app|9f6488bb]   Parameters: {"search"=>"name=\"proxy-01.internal\"", "apiv"=>"v2", "smart_proxy"=>{}}
2022-06-30T12:13:43 [I|app|9f6488bb] Authorized user foreman_api_admin(API Admin)
2022-06-30T12:13:43 [I|app|9f6488bb]   Rendering api/v2/smart_proxies/index.json.rabl within api/v2/layouts/index_layout
2022-06-30T12:13:43 [I|app|9f6488bb]   Rendered api/v2/smart_proxies/index.json.rabl within api/v2/layouts/index_layout (Duration: 22.5ms | Allocations: 8714)
2022-06-30T12:13:43 [W|app|9f6488bb] Action failed
2022-06-30T12:13:43 [I|app|9f6488bb] Backtrace for 'Action failed' error (ActionView::Template::Error): ERF12-9411 [ProxyAPI::ProxyException]: Unable to fetch public key ([RestClient::SSLCertificateNotVerified]: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed (self signed certificate in certificate chain)) for proxy https://proxy-01.internal:9090/ssh

I can access the main Foreman server UI without a problem and I can curl the base URL, and strange enough when I curl that URL I get an authentication error (not unexpected)

I’m not sure what other logs or entries I can provide to help. I’m just not sure why it’s breaking here and this way, the logs don’t really say anything except “there was a 500 error” (on the proxy side) or “returning a 500 error” (on the Foreman side)