Smart-Proxy PR test matrix

For some reason the test matrix for smart-proxy PRs doesn’t reflect changes in Both ruby and puppet versions that are actually being tested against are quite different from the ones that should be tested against.

Not sure how to troubleshoot this – I don’t have access to worker machines, but let me know if there’s something I can do to help with this.

The job you linked is, if you check the name, not the PR job. The text_proxy_develop is up to date based on that PR but the PR job is actually this one and does not appear to be in JJB in git.

There are a number of jobs, mainly PR based jobs, that are not in source control due to needing a secret token in the job at the time they were created. Fast forward to today, and some PR jobs have been converted (mainly core Foreman) to use Github Pull Request Builder that does not require this token and can be put into source control.

TLDR; The job needs to be edited by hand for now and put into source control.

Anything I can do to help with the conversion for Github Pull Request Builder?

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We are planning some updates across the board to our CI with respect to jobs (details to come). So for now, I’d say two options, give us a few days to prioritize and tackle this or I can give a rough walkthrough of how to approach converting this to JJB and using GHPRB for the existing job structure.

Depends on your preference: it might be a good investment to share this
knowledge via the walkthrough wiith Dmitri
so that he can help with the move + helping maintaining that going forward.

Since he’s in UTC-8 timezone, it should be even easier to sync-up with him

– Ivan

Probably worth it to have that walkthrough. Provided you have time for this, otherwise I can wait until there’s better time for it.