Smart-Proxy pxe kernels via nfs?


I have a new admin testing our foreman system. All his systems are RHEL,
he's already kickstarting systems using an NFS share for his install media
and hand jamming kickstarts. He's excited to join our foreman project and
I've setup a puppet master and tftp smart proxy in his location to use. So
far, we're all CentOS and Scientific here, so I'm setting up Install media,
OS, and connecting the associated dots in Foreman.

I noticed today there is this
bug: Bug #992: Unspported scheme - when using nfs path for installation media. - Smart Proxy - Foreman that indicates the
smart-proxy can't pull kernels from nfs shares, and recently Ohad linked it
to a different RH Satellite 6 Bug about kickstart install URL paths not
working for nfs.

Can someone speak to these issues or the status/progress towards a fix? I
seem to recall doing nfs installs just fine with foreman back a couple of
years ago, but aging memories are often fuzzy.