Smart Proxy sync details

For sync’ing content between main foreman/katello server 2.4 & 4.0 and smart proxy:

  • is there a way to schedule periodic sync’ing?
  • is there a way to define the bandwidth limit?

I assume every time a content view version is published and life cycle envs promoted a sync needs to happen? Or is it handled automatically?


im interested too

Since we’re going to end up with several geo located smart proxies we have a Jenkins job to trigger sync.
As for the bandwidth limit we hit the problem too as the sync was gobbling up VPN bandwidth across sites… So we have a bandwidth limit for the main Foreman/Katello VM in vSphere.
Both not ideal…

We should be able to schedule sync (cron) in Foreman/Katello and for each Smart Proxy set whatever bandwidth limit we want.