Socket chart feature, is it needed?

Hey everyone,
There have been some issues with the socket chart feature, it fails to render completely. The screenshot is attached.

Checking Monitor > Facts > searching for ‘name = “lscpu::socket(s)”’ the chart presented shows 8 fact fields but the chart only renders 7 of those fields. The reviews on the bug anticipated that the feature might not be needed and that we never received much feedback about this functionality and its importance. It seems to fall under the category of “nice to have” and if it does not work reliably (there are some other issues, e.g. filtering after the value is clicked sometimes) and that we can consider dropping it.

So, we wanted to hear from you. Do you think we should drop the broken chart feature from our product? If so, why? If not, how important is this feature to your work and how can we improve it to make it more useful?
Thank you for your time and input.

  • Socket chart is needed (keep the feature)
  • Socket chart is not needed (drop the feature)
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Thanks @girijaasoni !
can we also mention it in today’s demo? Foreman Community Demo #124 @nofaralfasi


I see 50 views and 5 responses at the moment :slight_smile:
2 more days to go until we will close this poll


The result shows this chart isn’t needed, and following work will be to drop this feature.

can one of the admins close this thread/poll?