Sosreport parsing and import into centralized log manager


as I promised on yesterday's demo [1] I'm here with some information about
proof of concept I'm currently working on.

I've put together skeleton of tool [2] that is able to parse logs collected
by sosreport or foreman-debug and send the structured log events to the
centralized log manager.

What I have is parser for yum.log (low hanging fruit) and first attempt for
generic syslog parser. Parsing syslog is challenging because many tools is
logging there in different formats but the results seem promising.

The resulting stream of events is in GELF format and can be directed to
Journald, Graylog, Logstash or any other tool with GELF support.

If you are interested in more details, check the readme [2] on GitHub.

My plans are to add importers for more logs and explore what benefits could
such tool bring.

I'd like to know if people find such tool helpful and of course I welcome
any kind of contribution.

Lastly I'd like to stress out that this tool is not intended to become
solution for centralized logging in the Foreman :wink:

Have a great day,