Sprint 21 overview


This week we held a demo recording for the work carried out in sprint
21, which you can view here:

The full demo agenda is:

  • admin account no longer required (#3272)
  • LDAP avatar support (#3827)
  • unification of Foreman and Katello installers (#4627)
  • creation of libvirt images from host group snapshots (#3792)
  • Hammer CLI enhancements
    • collections output (#4676), host interfaces (#4589)
    • host group resources (#4588), root password setting (#4587)
    • configurable timeouts (#3598), localised API responses (#4476)
    • API and verbose mode logging improvements
    • configuration changes (location, modules)
  • default location/organisations for users (#3914)
  • associating user groups to LDAP groups (#813)
  • live CD containing Foreman and discovery for provisioning
  • discovery image based on RHEL6 oVirt Node
  • foreman-tail
  • Puppet config groups with AngularJS

The big item that landed at the start of the sprint was Marek's
authorization changes, so we have a new, powerful roles and filters system.

We also released Foreman 1.4.2 in this sprint with a number of bug
fixes, but most work is currently aiming towards Foreman 1.5.0, due at
the end of April.

Here's the complete redmine issues list: http://bit.ly/1pBkQQ8
And Foreman 1.5 release notes:
https://github.com/theforeman/theforeman.org/commit/a82bf3b (these are
now available in full on the website)


ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering