State of the translations - 1.21


We are currently in the process of branching for 1.21, we will soon be pulling in any new translations to the project for the 1.21.0 release. We pull in the translations right before releasing a new version, so that depending on the number of RCs we have, there is between 3-6 weeks to get new strings translated.

Here are the stats by language for all the languages we currently have translations for in the repos, out of 9.8k source strings (including strings from plugins):

Language Language code Percentage
Catalan ca 57%
German de 86% (-1)
Spanish es 92%
French fr 93% (-2)
Galician gl 26%
Italian it 56%
Japanese ja 93% (+1)
Korean ko 69%
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL 35% (+1)
Polish pl 67% (-1)
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 92%
Russian ru 70%
Swedish sv_SE 35%
Chinese (China) zh_CN 93% (+1)
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 69%

If you happen to be a native speaker of any of the above languages, and wish to contribute to the translations, please take a look at Translating - Foreman for details regarding how to do so. The process is painless through an easy to use web application that displays the strings to translate and requests input. Any active translator who wishes to become a coordinator or reviewer for their language please contact me.

If you think some language is missing from the list and should be added, or if we should stop pulling translations for some of the languages that perhaps have a low translation rate, please let us know below.

Plugin maintainers - now is a good time to update the .po files in your plugins so any new strings added will be pulled into Transifex.