State of translations - 3.7

Hi folks, here is the translation status report since we have Foreman 3.7 upcoming.

Foreman + plugins have been busy improving the amount of strings that are translated in our ecosystem. We have a new rake task that ensure that strings from React get properly translated. For example, with Katello, we now run this during the release process: rake plugin:po_to_json[katello]. We’ve also migrated over to the newer transifex-cli standards. In general, more plugins are pushing for translation support, and we’ve made translation updates to hammer as well.

Since I’m subbing in to create this report, please comment down below if you’re a maintainer who has more exciting translation news to share.

Here are the translation percentages:

Language Language Code Percentage
Bengali bn 2.73%
Bengali (India) bn_IN 3.68%
Catalan ca 27.95%
Chinese zh 0.00%
Chinese (China) zh_CN 94.74%
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 45.48%
Czech (Czech Republic) cs_CZ 42.40%
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL 11.56%
English (United Kingdom) en_GB 10.99%
English (United States) en_US 0.00%
Estonian (Estonia) et_EE 0.00%
French fr 94.93%
Galician gl 10.86%
Georgian ka 90.30%
German de 84.73%
German (Austria) de_AT 0.00%
German (Germany) de_DE 5.18%
Greek el 14.35%
Gujarati gu 4.32%
Hebrew (Israel) he_IL 0.69%
Hindi hi 3.81%
Indonesian id 0.00%
Italian it 37.37%
Japanese ja 94.78%
Kannada kn 3.68%
Korean ko 54.50%
Malayalam (India) ml_IN 0.00%
Marathi mr 3.69%
Odia or 3.82%
Panjabi (Punjabi) pa 3.71%
Polish pl 22.29%
Polish (Poland) pl_PL 0.00%
Portuguese pt 0.09%
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 79.10%
Romanian ro 0.00%
Romanian (Romania) ro_RO 0.11%
Russian ru 47.90%
Slovenian sl 2.43%
Spanish es 82.32%
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE 13.90%
Tamil ta 2.74%
Tamil (India) ta_IN 3.65%
Telugu te 3.68%
Turkish tr 1.17%
Vietnamese vi 0.00%
Vietnamese (Viet Nam) vi_VN 0.00%