Status of the nightlies

Hello all,

tl;dr: nightlies are fixed, we're staying on top of them. report issues

As you might have picked up, the nightlies were a bit unstable and
unreliable lately. The biggest problem was that core and packaging
drifted apart. For now this has been synced up.

Now the challenge is to keep them synced up. For starters we introduced
code owners[1]. The idea is that we have files for which we consider the
packaging team the owner. They should be involved in any PR which
changes these files so we can act on changes rather than seeing the
nightlies fail. A compounding facter is that bundler does check
dependencies where npm doesn't. With a (current) lack of tooling manual
work must suffice.

This is currently not yet working since the packaging team doesn't have
merge permissions and even then we don't know how well it'll work in
practice. Time and experience will tell.

If you have a change that might affect packaging, feel free to ask
@theforeman/packaging on github.

In the longer term we should develop tooling that can automatically
point us to problems and help us respond faster to changes.

We've also talked about vendorizing NPM packages. While this is still
planned, there are other high priority items (Foreman tasks to core,
Rail 5.1) so no promises on the timeline. Until then we have our current
solution that does work and we know how to handle.