Struggling to add new host

Hi, i’m kinda new to linux admin and i need help with foreman. I installed it on debian 10, and i don’t know if foreman (2.5) and foreman-proxy (2.5) are well installed and configured. And when i try to add a new host (which is a physical raspberry with an already existing OS, raspberry pi OS lite), it stay as a ‘Hosts with no report’ in the Dashboard. My final goal would be to have several Raspberry in foreman in order to monitor and manage them remotely. Thanks for your help.

Hello and welcome to the community. I highly recommend reading these two posts

The first one describes the basic objects of Foreman and talks about various options how to add hosts to your Foreman instance. The seconds talks about how to get more facts about your infrastructure there and how to keep that infrastructure up to date.

In your case, I think you’d be mostly interested in the new registration functionality. See the deep-dive to the functionality at (perhaps too deep). See the documentation for this feature at Managing Hosts

Please let us know if that helped and what resource was helpful in particular.