Subscription-manager debian/ubuntu python3

Has anyone already built the subscription-manager for Debian/Ubuntu for python3 successfully?

Looks like Ubuntu 20.04 focal is starting to phase out python2 support (at least some of the dependecy libraries seem to be no longer available).

@Dirk do you know if this is on somebodies roadmap?

@mmoll has put building the client parts for DEB on his TODO list, but as he is doing all the DEB stuff I think he is busy and not sure which priority the client part has

Oh? :blush:

Hi @mmoll any updates on when we can expect a deb package of subscription-manager that will register to Katello ( assuming your the guy to ask that is :wink: ) ?

So good news as far as python3-support is concerned:
I managed to add some changes into subscription-manager repository, which should allow building with/for python3 on debian distributions:

Little disclaimer though, the debian packaging files within the subscription-manager repository still need some work to build python3-packages (or python2- and python3-packages).

However I finally managed to write at least a small howto on how one can create debian-packages of the subscription-manager: