Suggestion for an updated provisioning template, where to post?

Dear dev team,

First and foremost, thank you all for your hard work on such an outstanding product.

While migrating from Spacewalk to Foreman/Katello I came across an issue, where the default provisioning template kickstart_kernel_options does not work in a IPv4/v6 dual stack environment. I have adopted it and would like to share it with you for comments, optimizations and possible integration into a future release.
Does this process also go through a Redmine ticket, as it is strictly speaking not development work, or is there a better place to make it available?


Hi @rbremer,

it should also go through the normal process of opening a redmine ticket and opening a GitHub PR referencing the ticket. It is still development even though not strictly the code :slight_smile:

Looking forward for your contribution!

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Thanks Ondřej, gonna do that :slight_smile:

All right, done. But I probably made a mistake with the pull request. It gives me an error referencing the Redmine ticket. :slight_smile:
Please let me know on how to correct it.

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As Ewoud already mentioned on the PR, you should run git commit --amend and make the title state Fixes #31363 - dual stack IPv4/6 network for PXE boot and git push --force

Just saw his message on the PR. I think I need to close the PR and make a new one, can’t change the commit without having a local copy.

Had to close the PR and make a new one. Hopefully this time I got it right. Thanks!