Support for vanilla KVM

Hi Nathaniel,

> While investigating Foreman I noticed that the supported "Compute
> Resources" do not include vanilla KVM using the libvirtd APIs. There is
> support for OpenStack and oVirt which are based on KVM but not vanilla
> KVM. I am not very familiar with Foreman yet so I was wondering if
> support doesn't exist because the libvirtd API doesn't have enough
> features or if there simply hasn't been demand for it. If its the later
> I would consider adding support for it.

Foreman does have support, it uses the ruby-libvirt bindings (see
bundler.d/libvirt.rb). Check you have the foreman-libvirt package
installed, this will install the above config file and install the
requisite gem.

Once that's available it will let you select libvirt from the compute
resource type menu. It's the only CR type I believe that disappears
from the menu when the pre-req isn't installed. Maybe we should do this
for all of them, or none of them to make it less confusing?

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Dominic Cleal
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