Switch template only for specific users

Hi there,

I have a small question. We have been using Foreman to install OSes rapidly on our systems for a while now. We have many developers on our team and rather than web UI, I have focused more on hammer CLI as I can create scripts for more automation.
Our developers right now can ssh into foreman server using their LDAP credentials. Hence, every developer has their own instance of Foreman server, technically. There are scripts that they can run in order to install Oses. For Red hat, there are two templates named “Kickstart default” which comes with Foreman and other one is “Kickstart default packages” that I created that installs extra packages. Users can associate templates that they want based on their needs.

When a user ssh into server and switches templates, the template gets switched for everybody and I want to get rid of this. Is their any way a template gets switched for only that user that’s logged in Foreman server and not for everybody?

Thank you!