Sync repository issues No such file or directory

This is a foreman-katello scenario installation

I have 3 CentOS-7 repos that I created, this is a brand new install of foreman-katello, and when I try to sync all the repositories I get this warning and they never sink.
PLP0000: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/var/cache/pulp/reserved_resource_worker-1@myservername/32d7b3ee-5481-4164-ac86-2a233caae6c3’

I have the following katello version

@lbetson I don’t think Katelo 3.13 has been released yet. Can you elaborate on where the version information came from?

Something environment must be wrong with the Pulp installation because it can’t find the working directory for your worker, yet it know your worker’s name. Does the install have errors in it?

Well, I rebuilt the server. This is a brand new katello-foreman installation on CentOS-7.

In any event I am deploying this server as a VM in vmware, long story short, I am trying to automate as much of our builds as possible, in tandem with packer, terraform, and ansible. I noticed in the build script that it was adding a nightly Katello repo and then automatically runs the yum install katello…which is where I believe the version 3.13 came from.

I adjusted the script to remove the nightly repo and added the 3.12 repo. I will let you tomorrow, my day is far spent now, if I am still having an issue.

That’s probably what my problem was.

Working now…I had included the nightly in my automated build instead of 3.12. Rebuilt it.