Sync Ubuntu repository - "Checksum did not match" error

I’m trying to sync Ubuntu repo. Repo settings:
Type: deb
Upstream URL:
Releases: xenial,xenial-updates
Components: <empty/default>
Architectures: amd64

During sync I’m receiving error:
PLP0000: Checksum did not match

Anyone experienced same? Any ideas?

v. 1.8
v. 3.7RC1

When I’ll change:
Releases: xenial,xenial-updates
Releases: xenial
it works fine.
But re repo descr - it’s coma separated field so multiple patterns should work… Bug or feature? :wink:

I have the same issue.
We should be able to sync:
all at once based the pulp-deb documentation.

When i sync Releases: xenial
I get a checksum did not match error as well:
"PulpCodedTaskFailedException: Unable to sync 831513e4-8031-4dc0-b184-0b39ea4d4381 from mismatching checksums for roundcube-core_1.2~beta+dfsg.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb: expected 2c07729047ebc9206038d90c88d77e392f68fcfc5a3b7cb30cfd6e7cf15157c3, actual 4a80f69bd8c68c737aebcfe53e458fc65205e8d06c1339aaa364c53db34787bf\n",

Here is the thread i created based on the issue i’m still having.