Syncing Microsoft Repository

Sync begins but never successfully finishes and then becomes a hung task that needs to be cleaned up from the foreman-rake console. Sometimes it even kills candlepin and all services need to be restarted.

Expected outcome:
Download full list of packages from

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 1.24.2
Katello 3.14.1

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.7

Other relevant data:
I have been able other new repositories lately without issues and seems to be related only to this repo

Here is another detail I found during a failed repo sync.

hammer repository synchronize --id 3101 --skip-metadata-check 1
[…] [100%]
New packages: 1 (44.5 KB).
Failed to download 1 package.
Error: An error occurred during the sync
{“checksum_type”=>“sha256”, “expected_checksum”=>“7e121f958bbe74b971b545c485a75d425eb84296cca40d1db9993e80804e432e”, “error_code”=>“checksum_mismatch”, “name”=>“dotnet-host”, “actual_checksum”=>“ba998e8af599ccf453e45b0ce0f71b571e4b58e4f448d436829a11925953a415”}

I’m guessing this issue lays with the repository that I’m trying to sync?

It would appear that updating the repository settings to “Mirror on Sync” to yes has fixed my issue.


i have the same issue with that repository, Mirror on Sync does not solve the issue. The sync task runs for several hours end then dies with out of memory.