Syncing of large repos failing on initial build

Foreman v2.3.3 with Katello v3.18 - I ran into the “too many open files” problem when syncing OL7 so did a fresh install of newer version.

Foreman v2.4.0 with Katello v4.0 - OL7 now syncs perfectly but the main RHEL7 repo fails/dies and the workarounds aren’t helping.

I have a snapshot of the VM before the Foreman installation so I’m going to see if I can get v2.5.0 with Katello v4.1 going…

I just can’t get this to work. Now using:

I’ve tried it 4 ways:

  1. as-is
  2. adding the following to /etc/foreman/plugins/katello.yaml

:url: https:///pulp/api/v3/
:ca_cert_file: /etc/pki/katello/certs/katello-server-ca.crt
:bulk_load_size: 500

  1. applying “hammer repository update --id=1 --download-concurrency=1” to the repo in question
  2. using #2 and #3 together

It just won’t work :frowning: