Systems Management Personas

A few months ago I posted about a project team centered around building
personas. The day has come where they are ready to be utilized.

It is important to think about the personas when building/modifying
features in any application. They eliminate all assumptions around the
users. These personas are the result of many interviews and are built to
represent the real world consumer. I was surprised at some of the answers
real users gave and you might be too.

A brief explanation about using and building the personas here:

There are multiple personas, including one for an institution. More of
these will be developed in the future:

Persona Ecosystem:

System Engineer:

System Administrator:

For more information please watch the presentation I gave outlining the
personas and building process:

In the future these specific personas will be used when building use cases
and requirements. They will be referenced throughout the documentation. We
will know exactly who we are building for and their needs. More on this
process to come.