Tasks / dynflow to show timestamps in local time?

When debugging issues related to tasks / dynflow, one often compares or correlates system logs or say production.log logs (with timestamps in local timezone) and dynflow timestamps in UTC. That brings some confusion.

I understood there are reasons for dynflow to stick with timestamps in UTC. While I would see beneficial to see “everywhere” those timestamps in local timezone. From a short chat with @aruzicka , he might have an idea how to achieve that.

Would be that change welcomed?

The thing I had in mind is based on Logging to stdout/journal by default . If that was done, foreman logs could be collected with something like TZ=UTC journalctl -u foreman to have the timestamps be in UTC. Of course, if there are other components which log timestamps in local TZ, then the mismatch would just appear in a different place. I admit I might be biased against timezones and local times in general, but I’d be glad if we could standardize everything around UTC rather than the other way around.

Going the other way around could be doable, but would require either to do some post-processing on the collected raw database data or have a proper way of exporting tasks/dynflow data which would do all these extra steps on its own.