Tftp smart proxy not building config for host

I am able to get the smart proxy to build the 'default' entry when clicking
on 'Build PXE default' on the provisioning templates page, but when I click
'Build' for a host (Enable rebuild on next reboot) the
/var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg folder contents doesn't change.

I have my host in a host group named 'common'. In this common host group I
have a subnet (the only subnet) which is configured to use the TFTP Proxy
on the foreman server (selected from drop down list).
Under the host configuration -> Interfaces I have an interface which has
the subnet chosen which has the tftp proxy enabled. Although I am unable to
change the domain here - it's greyed out and set to 'No domains'.
I have 'Provision' selected for this interface.

I am not using Foreman to manage our DHCP and DNS infrastructure. The host
in question is able to pxe boot to the foreman server and loads the default
pxe boot menu.

I've enabled debug logging in
/usr/share/foreman/config/environments/production.rb and enabled the host
build but can't see any errors here or in the foreman-proxy log

Any tips on where to look to try and troubleshoot this issue?


It must have been an issue with the host I was working with, as I created
another host and the pxelinux.cfg directory was populated as expected by
the smart proxy.

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