Theforeman/* module releases

theforeman/foreman 3.0.0, puppet 3.0.0, foreman_proxy 2.2.0 and dns
2.0.0 have all been tagged and released to Puppet Forge, ready for use
in Foreman 1.8.

The changelogs for the core modules are big:

Our other modules can all be found at, some of which had patch releases.

The major release of the foreman/puppet pair of modules marks them being
properly optional from each other, so you can now use theforeman/puppet
without needing theforeman/foreman installed, and vice versa. The
Foreman integration in theforeman/puppet can optionally be enabled. It
also enables use of foreman::puppetmaster without theforeman/puppet etc.

They add installation and configuration for a number of plugins, thanks
to Cristian Falcas, Stephen Benjamin, Daniel Lobato and Marek Hulan for
extending this area.

The quality of the modules has improved immensely. Our test suites
continue to grow well, with the addition of rspec-puppet-facts and
another half dozen lint checks from Mickaël Canévet. These new fixed
lints, plus a bunch of fixes from Mathieu Parent and others put us in a
good position to support Puppet 4 soon.

Thanks to Ewoud, Michael and all the other key contributors - there were
far too many parameters and bug fixes to name here, but it was all


··· -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering