Theforeman & puppetlabs

Does puppetlabs have modules to help provision for Amazon Ec2 instances
within VPC / outside VPC? Any recommendations ?

I would like to launch an instance based on an AMI image. This instance
should have multiple IP addresses attached to it. I would like to do this
using theforeman.

Also, I noticed that theforeman documentation is lacking in EC2 area, so I
am having quite a bit of issue setting it up multiple IPs on the Amazon
instance. Would appreciate any help in this area?

Lastly, if I need to create files on the launched Amazon instance, how do I
do it through theforeman? It seems that it is much easier to just do it
using puppetmaster without theforeman…e.g.

file { "/var/log/admin-app-log":
ensure => "directory",
owner => "root",
group => "wheel",
mode => 750,

I am still in the learning stage…therefore would appreciate some
guidance. .