There was an error rendering the od_kickstart_centos7 template: undefined method '#puppetmaster' for Host::Managed::Jail (Host::Managed)

We have Set up new server with foreman version 3.2.1 and we had the previous server on 2.2.3 now when I am trying to build this host the following error is shown this is the custom template which we used in previous version
As i am new to the foreman

Expected outcome:
The Host should start build with this new server
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.2.1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

I guess the old host has safemode rendering disabled in the settings, but the new one does not. We are running 3.2.1 aswell, with safemode rendering disabled for stupid reasons, and @host.puppetmaster works on our setup, but you probably want to replace @host.puppetmaster (or something like this) with @host.puppet_server in your custom template (which should be the correct property for what you want to do if Iā€™m not mistaken, at least according to the template writing documentation).

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Thank you !! It helps now I am able to see the preview mode

If everything works as expected now, please mark my answer above as solution so others know this is solved :slight_smile: