Time format

Where to change the time format to an international accepted value (without AM/PM)?

Hello and welcome. What page or input do you specifically mean? A general answer would be that a user can set the preferred locale if the one auto-detected based on the browser configuration does not fit. Click on your Name in top right corner, then select My Accout and select the language. This will however also change the language everywhere.

I mean as example under:
“Content Hosts” → Last Checkin Time
“Content Hosts” → Registered
“Content” → Sync Plans
Any idea, where it can be changed?

And, i did switch the language under “My Account” there is still everything displayed as AM/PM.

Hello Everyone,
don’t want to be annoying, but any chance the get that time format question somehow solved/answered?


Since it looks like content-related pages, @katello, any ideas?